Promoting ‘Veganism’ along the tranquil peak of Kailash-Mansarovar

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Ahimsa Vegan Café is a 100% vegan café that serves wholesome, nutritious and delicious vegan food.

The brand located at Kailash Mansarovar, Shirdi, Purang, Darchen and London aims to encourage the elimination of animal suffering and uphold the principle of ‘ahimsa’ through their harmonious promotion of veganism.


When AVC approached us, the major concern that they shared with us was for their Kailash Mansarovar location where they were having a tough time in creating awareness about the kind of food they were serving and navigating people to their restaurant. Ahimsa Vegan Cafe has a gastronomic menu of an assortment of freshly made wraps, tasty fillings, delicious bowls of curries and delectable desserts etc.


The biggest concern was the lack of communication to the pilgrims who visited for the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Following our process of research, what we realised was, AVC was not having the kind of presence required to reach the people through any kind of messages or visuals which can attract them to come to them.

After working on our strategy and planning, we suggested them to do an entire in-store branding where we came up with posters with different concepts that speak about the versatility of food offerings people can enjoy eating there, despite it being an ‘all-vegan-café’.

While we were working on the posters, we made sure to carry all the messages through the in-store environment to reflect the entire concept of AVC to the customers and attract them to give it a try. The posters made built were mainly created to enforce two messages: Veganism and Versatility of freshly prepared in-store healthy and scrumptious food.

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Their support to help us in rebranding our company has been exceptional. They are creative, well learnt and handle activities from a strategic perspective which would benefit the brand in the long run too.

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Director, Pranjal Corporate Services Pvt Ltd
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