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Classic Telecom Solutions LLP

Classic Telecom Solutions is an Information Technology company that has earned a prominent name in Telecom and Security products.

Established in 1994, the company is recognised for their efficient quality products and solutions in the security, surveillance and telecom space. After providing excellent customer-centric solutions for over two decades, Classic wanted to modernize its identity and pose itself as a forward-moving organisation in one of the most competitive industry sector. We partnered to work hand-in-hand with this aspiring brand to redefine their strategy and create a more meaningful brand identity.


Working on the earlier identity and bringing out a more defined logo that can wave off their earlier image was challenging. We wanted the new identity measure up to the same standards of ‘top-notch’ quality service they put into their product and solutions for their customers.

The earlier logo of the brand was not convincing to represent the core benefits and services the brand offers. The style of the logo, colour palette and font type did not reflect in any way about their belonging to the fast-paced world of technology. We had to create something which is simple but yet portrays the products and solutions they offer in a modernised manner.


We worked on several logo design options for this brand and tried to bring the best combination that inculcated all the personality, value, characteristics of the brand and spoke out loud about the services it offers. After mood boarding for a while, we landed up at the right shapes, mood, emotions & dynamics.

We created a simple but communicating logo based on the understanding of the core benefit, individuality & uniqueness the brand has to offer.


We got inspired by the idea of a combination of fingerprint and shield. The fingerprint represents one’s individuality, identity depicting Classic as a brand that provides customer-centric solutions and the shield representing quality and security.

By keeping these inspirations in mind, we conceptualised the logo by combining them with other elements. Every stroke was carefully considered maintaining the connectivity and dynamism.  We also altered the typeface from the basic Serif to a more contemporary Sans Serif.

The team also stressed us that they would want to highlight the colour red as they considered it was their lucky colour. Colour red also signifies security so it was a plus for us. We combined it with black for the font that demonstrates confidence. The overall look of the brand now shows the high level of modernernised customer-centric solutions in a meaningful expression.

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Their support to help us in rebranding our company has been exceptional. They are creative, well learnt and handle activities from a strategic perspective which would benefit the brand in the long run too.

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