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Brand Identity
Every educational institution faces distinct challenges in the ever-evolving world of technology. The case of Gyan Peethika School (GPS), a 25-year-old school in the Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh, was no different.

GPS was conceptualized by Mrs. Reena Singh, founder of Gyan Peethika at a time when education was still a distant dream for the girls in the region. GPS was the first independent, non-funded CBSE affiliated school in Ballia which Mrs. Singh started with the basic motive of making education accessible for the girls. With the entrance of different kind of schools equipped with advanced amenities, GPS slowly started losing its position and remained a default choice for only a handful.


The challenge for GPS was to create a brand strategy to accentuate the core personality and values of the school that it held for over a span of two decades to impart quality education in their students. We also had to give a revival to the role and importance of teacher-based training methodology.  To give clarity, we decided to do brand research, brand identity rejuvenation, brand communication material and event branding.

The ideation of fresh brand strategy

After our base research work, we sketched out on two concepts to create our strategy for GPS. First was to reinstate the belief of most Indian parents that education is not just the imparting of knowledge but an institution in itself that assures the safety and security of the child. The second was that parents do not want their children to face the struggles that they have been facing and want them to be levelled at par with the increasingly globalized world.

Route towards meeting our target audience & objectives

Our target audience was those parents who consider school-education as an investment in hope of a better future for their kids. As our objective, we had to bring forth the legacy of GPS built on the foundation of teacher-enabled education with best practices from around the globe. Furthermore, it was essential to establish a brand identity that GPS as an institution instills confidence and competence in their students to prepare them to excel in life by empowering them to be globally competitive.


Redefining the brand and reviving its popularity again

GPS needed a complete branding solution. The task for us here was to refresh the logo and tagline to come up with something that is not only aesthetically inspiring but also inserts the key strengths of GPS meaningfully. The website needed a revamp to be more appealing and beat the digitally advanced websites of the competitor schools in the area. It also required to showcase the amount of work the school is doing. Besides we also had to frame the brand communication material and other print/ digital material.


We began with the brand logo design in which we retained the torch with the flame from the original logo design and refreshed it with an image of hands that depicts an illusionary tree that symbolizes nurture, care, growth, sustainability etc. The elements chosen represented the key elements of the brand – the ‘torch’ symbolises poise and confidence, the ‘quill’ talks about traditional learning values and the ‘scroll’ talks about accomplishment. The brand name was written in an elegant yet professional font to authorise the expertise of the school. The Sans Serif typeface brings in modernity however the hierarchy still remains traditional.

The tagline ‘Pursuing Excellence’ that we came up with asserted the excellence of education GPS has been maintaining for over two decades. For the website, we gave it a make-over with a more defined architecture, design, easier navigation and fresh content. An extensive effort was also put in to rework on their prospectus, banners, posters, standees, business stationery were the prime focus remained constant – to redefine the concept of excellence in education in a renewed sense.

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Their support to help us in rebranding our company has been exceptional. They are creative, well learnt and handle activities from a strategic perspective which would benefit the brand in the long run too.

Mr. Ankur Jain
Director, Pranjal Corporate Services Pvt Ltd

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Marketing Collateral
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