Reinventing a brand identity to fit into the digital space


iSocials is a digital marketing company offering Social Media Marketing (SMM) and other services in the field of internet marketing.

A good brand identity can set your brand apart from the competition and create a professional first impression with potential customers. It is vital to communicate the brand services, the industry it works in, its values, character, and personality and most importantly it’s positioning. With iSocials, the existing brand communication was not effective in affirming them as a company that is a part of the digital marketing niche.

When they approached us, they wanted us to create a new brand identity design that would build an image that efficiently talks about their services and position them strong in the competitive digital marketing space.


To create a new brand design, we were on the task to find out ways as to how we can create a message with our design to make them easily recognisable to their target customers in the digital arena.

The creative process began and we sorted two activities for them: logo refresh and a business stationery set.

For the brand logo design, we brainstormed and came up with few options. The new logo needed to be colourful and fresh and still be simple with abstract elements to portray with clarity that iSocials is a digital marketing company.


The final logo design was kept in a minimalistic style where we incorporated a combination of colours on an announcement horn to position the company in the internet marketing field. The different colours made the logo appear vibrant and it also synchronised with the logo colours of various social media platforms giving it a much relatable and modernised feel. Additionally, we also paid attention to the typography and made the ‘i’ more bold and visible to denote ‘internet’.

Besides, we have also revamped the business stationery set in which we provided them with visiting card, envelope and letterhead design.

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Their support to help us in rebranding our company has been exceptional. They are creative, well learnt and handle activities from a strategic perspective which would benefit the brand in the long run too.

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Director, Pranjal Corporate Services Pvt Ltd

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