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We created a visual representation of the images, colours to help us get to the elements required for the logo to jot down to what works and what does not.

Designing a new identity for a brand to make it recognisable and transferring the appropriate message is a great responsibility. What we did for Librus Holdings LLP is something similar. Librus is a company that has ventured into diversified business portfolio and spanned across various industry verticals. What the brand was looking out for was a corporate brand identity encompassing and consolidating all its current and future services.


We were faced with a challenging brief. The client wanted a brand logo design that would intertwine the personality traits of four zodiac signs namely Libra, Virgo, Pisces & Taurus. We were tasked with developing a comprehensive brand identity that would strategically position and differentiate the new company from other players in the market. This was followed with a serious amount of work and an aggressive timeline.


Keeping in mind the brief, we proceeded to create logo design options stitching together all the zodiacal traits that Librus stands for – emotionally grounded, loyal, fearless, elegant, and psychologically aggressive. After several rounds of design sketches, the client finally settled on design that turned out to be the perfect combination.

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