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Brand Identity
Prabin Agarwal is the proprietor of Fortune Securities, a leading financial services and wealth management firm into mutual fund distribution and offering other investment based products since 2006. With an employee strength of 14 and a market leadership in Siliguri, the company has clientele in Sikkim, Guwahati, Rest of India and Overseas.


The core challenge in this project was to establish a brand identity that would be easily recognizable with its businesses category and services it offers and portray all their numerous activities under one roof.  Although Prabin Agarwal as a brand has earned its reputation as a popular name in his hometown by playing an active role in promoting financial literacy in West Bengal & allied areas coupled with an impressive social achievement profile to its credit, it lacked the recognition and zeal as a brand in the semi-urban and urban areas.

Improving presence with brand refreshment

We precisely needed to make a refresh or rejuvenation of the pre-existing brand identity strategy in order to make it reach out more and make it more relative with the demographics we were targeting though this campaign. Brand refresh is specifically carried out for organizations or entities who have existing recognition or popularity of their brand among their target audience or location, but are looking for some revival strategies to make some upgrades that can act as an additional credibility to their brand without losing their current identity.

As we started, our motto was clear: To build a strong and differentiating brand that could reach out and grow strong in the ever-evolving competitive market scenario of financial brands.

Determining and executing the right strategy

The strategy Prarambhan came out with was to work intrinsically on creating a brand identity for Prabin Agarwal by letting our creativities leash out for creating the perfect Brand Logo Design and the Tagline. The existent logo was lacking the entire point of the communication of message. We paved out different options keeping in mind everything that could work for stating out loud who or what Prabin Agarwal is!

Promoting the services and brand

The challenge here was two-fold; one was to create a logo design and tagline that in a way speaks out the industry niche it belongs to and the services it offers through its visual metaphor, and the other was to conceptualise the same in a manner that is compatible with the competing financial brands existent in the semi-urban and urban areas.


Our brand identity approach for Prabin Agarwal highlighted a vision of creating a brand around Trust and Credibility. We created an identity that reflects the core benefits the brand provides. The tall fonts and bold typography with unique elements in the icon, helped us establish our credibility and expertise.

The tagline was another challenge as we wanted to resonate something that is authoritative and assertive in the financial sector. Amidst puzzling between ideas, we came up with ‘Empowering Investments’ – something that communicated the ‘trust’ and ‘confidence’ we wanted to invoke among our patrons as an assurance to generate wealth for them.

Another strategy we worked on was for coming up with a brand architecture ideation as the brand wanted to venture out in other verticals. Brand Architecture, is an important brand strategy that defines the relationship of parent brand with its various sub-brands. We highly recommended to build the brand on the personal name of Prabin Agarwal and opt for the branded house approach for both the offline and online delivery model.

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Their support to help us in rebranding our company has been exceptional. They are creative, well learnt and handle activities from a strategic perspective which would benefit the brand in the long run too.

Mr. Ankur Jain
Director, Pranjal Corporate Services Pvt Ltd

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